Roasting is such a simple thing really. The beauty is in the nuance. Our role as roasters is to be transparent. It’s our responsibility to showcase all the hard work already invested in the coffee before it arrives at our roastery. It’s like calligraphy or the art of a good weld. If you want to roast good coffee, roast a lot of it.


The Little Rebel Spirit begins right at the beginning  - its all about choosing the right beans! We take raw, green coffee and ease it into the final state as a bean. Without the hard work of so many leading up to this point, our job would be useless. Roasting is one of the most integral parts in the chain of events when crafting a good cup of coffee.



Your skill is like the roast: each minute or experience is forever tied to the minute or experience before and after it. Without the total view, it’s irrelevant.



Our equipment is as beautiful as it is accurate and a reminder of our fastidious approach to sourcing, quality control, and respect for all people involved in the craft of growing, picking, roasting and serving coffee, the same approach that has gotten us where we are today.


We don’t like to impart a fingerprint or a roast signature on the coffee. Instead we prefer to highlight what makes that particular varietal or farm exciting. We prefer the steady and gentle profile we achieve with our Has Garanti roaster. We’re here to bring out the best aspects of the coffee, and if we do our job correctly no one should even be thinking about the roast when they drink it.


Experimenting is fun but it means we're  continually pushing the boundaries

Little Rebel is a boutique coffee roaster that specialises in unique blends for the decerning coffee pallate. We are specialty coffee roasters and are passionate about getting the most flavour and elegance from our coffee beans. We make a point of sourcing our beans that are grown and farmed ethically.




Little Rebel

22 Collins Street

Dromana VIC 3936


Cafe/roastery: 0421875772

Wholesale enquiries: 0418121467

Email:   info@littlerebel.com.au